To work with "specific skills", the latest status of residence in Japan


Y2quare Co., Ltd. is certified as a "Registration Support Organization" that supports foreigners with specific skills.
If you have specific skills, please contact us!
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Person who has "Technical Training No. 2" (planned)

Those who are active, technical interns or former technical interns and have successfully completed technical interrogation No. 2 are exempted from tests related to necessary Japanese ability and skill level, etc. I can do itIt is necessary to confirm whether the current job type and work can be transferred to the specific skill, because it cannot be transferred unless it is the target job type of the specific skill.You can check if it is possible to transfer by referring to the system explanation materials related to specific skills on the Ministry of Justice website.
If you would like to work for a company other than the technical internship destination, pleasecontact us first.
* If you transfer from technical intern training to specific skill No. 1, the period of stay will be 5 years in total.

Those who have "Special Skill 1" qualification

In order to work in a Japanese company, you need support from a registration support organization first, so please contact Y2quare Co., Ltd., which has been certified as a registration support organization.
Contact: (052)562-0007 Click h
ere to contact us by email.

International students

It is necessary to take and pass the specific skill evaluation test during the specific activity period while attending school or after graduation.Please note that if you leave school, you will not be able to take the specific skill evaluation test in Japan. If you pass, please contact us.We will support you such as application.