What should I study if I want to study in Japan?


Even if you want to study in Japan, what to do and what to study from there??That’s true.
First, let’s try sketching a future plan. In Japan there are 776 universities, in which various subjects can be studied. However, since it is not possible to study all fields, firstly all your skills, abilities, hobbies, and future job desires must be analyzed. Having done this, we can then search for a school that suits your field ofinterest. 
Regarding the study of specific fields, it is not only limited to universities, as vocational schools and junior colleges also exist. If possible, try to alternate withstudents or professors from the school of your preference, as it is very recommendable to listen to their advices. Let’s make a valid use of open campuses.
Latest popular university departments
• Science – Animation (Science and Technology Systems and Fine Arts), Machine Design (automobile related), Software Development
• Humanities – Management, Economy, International Business, MBA
Let’s try searching these through JPNAVI!
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