Credit Cards For Students list

Card Name Sumitomo VISA Debut Plus Card Rakuten card Academy(Only for students)
International Brand VISA JCB,VISA
Annual Fee The First Year Free
(As long as the card used in the previous year , this year can be free )
Always Free
Credit Needed Over the age of 18 and Under the age of 25(Except for high school students) Only The Students
Credit Card Limit Credit Card Limit 100~300 Thousands yen
Features Points are always twice as much !
Campaign 【until 3/31】the maximum of cash back can be 5000 yen! Entry&Apply&Use,Than you will get points!

Credit Cards With Presents List

Card Name JALcard
International Brand JAL・MasterCard/JAL・VisaCard/JAL・JCBCard/JALCardSuica/JAL Card TOP&ClubQ/ JALCard OPCredit/JAL American Express ® · card
Annual Fee The First Year Free
Credit Needed Over the age of 18(Except for high school students)、Having The Basic life foundation In Japan And Able To Make Payments in Japan
Credit Card Limit  
Features Amazon or miles