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Faculty of Children
Department of Children
Child Culture
Child Psychology
Training for Childminders
Training for Elementary School Teachers
Training for Teachers of Kindergarten
Faculty of Literature and Social Sciences
British and American Culture
Department of Female Working
Department of Lifelong Education
Department of Psychology
Department of Social Welfare
Care Welfare
Social Welfare
Japanese Culture
Calligraphic Culture Course
Histrical Culuture Course
Japanese Language and Literature Course
Library Information Course
Faculty of Music
Department of Music Comprehensive
Composition and Music Resarch Course
Music Education Course
Music Therapy Course
Department of Performance
Expression of Stage Course
Instrumental Music Course
Singing Course
Faculty of Nutrition
Department of Nutrition
Junior College
Department of Comprehensive Culture
Confectionary Branch
Design and Interior Branch
Fashion Brand Branch
Food and Cooking Branch
Information Technology Branch
Librarian Branch
Literary Arts and Editing Branch
Nursing and Hospitality Branch
Nutrition for Children Branch
Torism and Hotel Branch
Department of Nursing
Training for Childminders
Training for Teachers of Kindergarten
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Address: 550 Iwase, Matsudo-shi, Chiba
ZIP: 271-8555
Tel: 0120-66-5531
URL: http://www.seitoku.jp/univ/
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