Work in Japan

To work with "specific skills", the latest status of residence in Japan

Y2quare Co., Ltd. is certified as a "Registration Support Organization" that supports foreigners with specific skills.If...
Living in Japan

About the form of living in Japan

Although living alone for the first time sounds ideal, it is important to think first about your own lifestyle. Clarify which requirements are essential for you.
Living in Japan

Rental Glossary

Rental Glossary Deposit (shikikin) A "deposit" is an additional amount of money given to the landlord for ...
Study in Japan

Scholarships Essential for Studying in Japan

Why don't you try to give up studying abroad because you're worried about the cost of coming to Japan, the cost of goin...
Study in Japan

I cannot decide because there are too many schools in Japan.

There are currently very few prominent information sites intended for foreign student applicants, therefore searching b...
Study in Japan

Even if I cannot speak Japanese, can I still study in Japan??

In the “300,000 Foreign Students Plan” presentation, generally visa standard alteration, as the lowest entry line to a ...
Study in Japan

What should I study if I want to study in Japan?

Even if you want to study in Japan, what to do and what to study from there??That's true.First, let’s try sketching a f...
Living in Japan

About the cost of living

What is life like in a foreign country since you started thinking about studying abroad?How much does it cost to pay...
Living in Japan

Climate and population of Japan

Introduction of Japan Geography: Japan is an island country situated in the East of Asia and composed of four mai...
Japanese daily conversation collection

Japanese daily conversation example sentence 2nd episode friend

I went to play Leo's house.Let's remember the words of greeting when entering a friend's house. Example sentence ...