Are we doing anything worng?

JPNAVI is a website designed to support students wanting to study in Japan.
The site is fully loaded with useful information regarding coming to Japan and what to do when you get here!
JPNAVI`s staff is doing their best day after day to bring you excellent guidance.
People responsible for translating this page into various languages are current exchange students in Japan; In other words, your senior colleagues! Before you come to Japan, they`re doing their best for your sake!
But we do have our doubts; Are these all the information you really need? Are we able to convey all the essentials? And this is where we need your help!

Have you found any mistakes in the translations? For instance if you don`t understand the meaning of a word or it seems wrong, or if the contents differ form the Japanese idea, do let us know.
Comments like:"This feels strange" or "It sounds better this way!" are also welcome!
And not only regarding the translation but the whole of the site, no matter how small it might be!
We are glad to hear you opinion.

If we work together, JPNAVI can become even better!
Let`s cooperate and create an amazing site!

What would you like to know?

No one other than you yourself knows what informations is really essential. Up until now, JPNAVI has managed to provide a lot of information, but there is still more that we`d like to supply you with.
You can help us by saying what you want to know about Japan! We would also like to know what would you want to change about the site, like contents or services.

    For example:
  • What are the best sight-seeing spots in Japan?
  • How does a Japanese supermarket look like?
  • Is there a place to help make Japanese friends?    ・・・These and any others are all OK!

Contact regarding the website structure:・・・
(Not for linguistic enquiries!)