Introducing example sentences of daily conversation in Japanese. Episode 9 “Please come along with me for shopping”

Japanese daily conversation collection

  Example sentence


レオくんは パソコンが得意とくい でしたね?
(reokunha pasokonga tokui deshitane?)

Leo was good at personal computers, wasn’t he?  


ええ。専門せんもんではありませんが わかります。
(ee senmondeha arimasenga wakarimasu )
Yes. I’m not a specialist, but I understand.


操作そうさが 簡単かんたんな パソコンが しいです。 
(sousaga kantanna pasokonga hoshiidesu)
I want a personal computer that is easy to operate.


わたしもも 日本にほんで パソコンを いましたが、種類しゅるいや メーカーが たくさんあって ずいぶん まよいました。
(watasino nohonde pasikonwo kaimashitaga syuruiya me-kaga takusanatte zuibun mayoimashita)
I also bought a personal computer in Japan, and quite at a loss because of those many types and makers.


じゃあ、いっしょに 買物かいものへ きますか?
(zya issyoni kaimonohe ikimasuka?)
Then, do you want to go shopping together?


ねがいします。 週末しゅうまつになったら 電話でんわします。
(onegaishimasu. syumatuninattara denwashimasu.)
Please go with me. I’ll call you when it’s the weekend.

  ~でしたね? aren’t you?

It is used when confirming with the other party.
(pasokonga tokui deshitane?)
You were good at personal computers, weren’t you?


  It is used to explain the nature and state of things in more detail.

操作そうさ簡単かんたんパソコンです」(sousaga kantanna pasokondesu)
It is a personal computer that is easy to operate.
「きれい学校がっこうです」(kireina gakkodesu)
It’s a beautiful school.
ちいいえです」(chiisana iedesu)
It’s a small house.

Japanese daily conversation collection