<How to study abroad for FREE> *about JPNAVI

This is a detailed plan telling you how to do it!

1. Become a member of the JPNAVI.
(registration is required)

2. Apply for the free study abroad program.
Fill out an application form.

Apply now

3. Application procedures
(Including document review)

If all the documents are ok....

4. Entry exam/interview

5. Getting the Certificate of Eligibility

6. Visa application

7. Getting ready for studying abroad

8. Success!
Start of a new adventure!

Apply Now

*Personal expense:

1. International communication expeces (post, etc.): \30,000 (about $350)
2. Various translation costs: \12,000 (about $140)
3. School costs (application fees, tuition, etc.)

NEXTSuccess of the program!
Read about the experience of a satisfied participant!

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