About Us

About Us

Company NameY2quare Co., Ltd.
Location 3-20-21 Meizo Building 5F, Nakamura-ku Mei Station, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Established.April 1988
Capital50 million yen
Description of businessComprehensive management of group companies, real estate transactions, comprehensive support for international students and international students
Major banksShoko Chukin, Io Credit Union, Japan Finance Corporation, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ichii Shinkin Bank
Member organizations and permits All Japan Real Estate Associa
tion Real Estate Transaction License Number: Aichi Governor (4
) No. 20022 Member of The
Immigration Association Certification Number: “19 Climb-000744”
TEL / FAX (052) 562-0007 (Representative) / (052) 562-0057
E-mail front@y2quare.jp


Business activities

Comprehensive management of group companies

Real estate transaction business

Technical intern trainees, specific skills, and comprehensive life support for international students

Company History

April, 1988 Established Hira Co., Ltd.
July 1990 Kawano Co., Ltd. (Merged with Kowa Co., Ltd. on December 1, 2015) was established.
September 2004 Established Hira Nursing Home Co., Ltd.
October 2004 Acquired By Mitory Co., Ltd. (La Jowa Nakatsugawa)
2005 January 2005 Changed organization from Hira Co., Ltd. to Hira Co., Ltd.
March 2005 Hira Nursing Home Co., Ltd. merged with Mitory Co., Ltd.
2006 July Established Hira Holdings Co., Ltd.
December 2008 Company name changed to Kowa Co., Ltd. (merged with Y2quare Co., Ltd. on October 1, 2016)
March 2010 Information search site “JPNAVI” for international students is released (renewed in February 2020)
December, 2015 Changed the company name from SmileCare Co., Ltd. to Car
eBank Co., Ltd.
October 2016 Company name changed from Kowa Co., Ltd. to Y2quare Co., Ltd.