About the cost of living


What is life like in a foreign country since you started thinking about studying abroad?
How much does it cost to pay for living, housing, and what to eat?
There may be a lot of anxiety and worries, but let’s take the plunge and enjoy your study abroad life for “who you want to be” and “your dreams for the future”!


According to the 2007 survey conducted by JASSO on privately financed international students, the overall average monthly income is of 138,000 yen. 
The average part-time income is 69,000 yen, the average amount of remittance money sent from relatives is 63,000 yen, and the average amount received from scholarships is 60,000 yen.


According to JASSO’s 2007 fiscal year survey, the average monthly expense is 138,000 yen. 
The greatest expenditures were in “research costs” followed by “housing” and “food”. 
The highest expenses came from vocational school students living in private apartments and condominiums, the lowest came from undergraduate students attending national universities and living in dormitories. 

Cost of living in different place

Monthly living expenses for international students is shown on the figure on the right, the highest cost of living is in the Kanto area and is 152,000 yen. The lowest is in Shikoku and it is 100,000 yen. 
In Tokyo the cost of living is 155,000 yen and it is much higher compared to other cities of the region.

RegionHokkaido TohokuYedongCentralKinkiChugokuShikokuKyushu TokyoNational
(1,000 yen)118111152132133121100.115155138

Living expenses

If we classify the cost of living it can be divided into tuition fees for 51,000 yen, meals for 25,000 yen, and housing costs for 31,000 yen.
Most of the expenses are used up in tuition fees. Regarding the type of school, vocational schools have the highest tuition fees, for 61,000 yen.

TypeNational UniversityPublic universitiesPrivate universitiesCollege Special training school
Average monthly (thousand yen)3532545361