About Lifeline


Preparing for life

When you decide to move in

Water supply
Let’s request the opening of these lifelines.

How to pay utility bills

Each invoice sent to you by the company has a payment form.Payment will be paid at banks, convenience stores, post offices, etc. by the due date.You can also pay by credit card or automatically debit from your bank account or postal account.
For credit cards, guests are required to contact the credit card company by themselves.
For bank transfers, the application form for utility charges direct debit is available at the bank or post office window, so fill in the necessary information and apply.There is no fee for both.

Other utility bills

NHK broadcasting reception fee . . . if you install a TV at home, you will be charged a reception fee.
Landline communication charges: Not only the installation of landlines as a means of communication, but also when connecting to the Internet using ADSL and fiber-optic telephone lines, it is necessary to pay the basic line usage fee of the minimum landline.In addition, in the case of multi-family housing, there are some houses that can not use CATV line or fiber optic line, so be sure to check in advance.

About Electricity

Apply for electricity

When you decide where to move in, call the power company in your jurisdiction area and tell them the following three to request energization.
e 2.Address 3.When
you want to use the opening req
uest will be completed by applying by phone.When you have applied for energization by phone, turn on the breaker switch.
Electricity of 100 volts and 60 hertz is used in western Japan, and 100 volts and 50 hertz are used in eastern Japan. Please note that some electrical equipment with different frequencies cannot be used.
If you use a lot of electrical appliances at once, you may exceed the contract amp, and the breaker may become “cut”.At that time, reduce the number of electrical appliances used and turn the breaker switch on. It is possible to change the amps to a larger capacity, but the basic fee is a little higher.

About Gas

Types of gases

There are two types of gas: “city gas” and “propane gas”.
Since the type is determined by the region and residence, let’s check before moving in.

Gas application

In order to open gas, it is necessary to have the person in question present.
After receiving a direct explanation of safe usage from the staff of the gas com
pany, and confirming the gas appliance whether there is an abnormality such as a gas leak, it will be opened.
In Japan, it is rare for a stove to be installed in a rental house in advance.Gas appliances are usually brought in.Before you apply for gas opening, prepare a stove or other gas appliance.

City gas… call the gas company.
As with the opening of e
lectricity, we will give you your name, address, and start date and time (standing date).
Propane gas… please ask your housing management company in advance about your nearest propane gas company.

Gas alarm

In communal housing, the installation of gas leak alarms is required.Prices vary depending on the local gas company, but you can lease from about 300 yen to 400 yen per month.There is a guidance of the installation from the gas company.Payment is charged at the same time as the gas bill.
* If you notice an abnormality in the gas, immediately close the main plug, open the window and ventilate.
Also, do not use fire.
Let’s contact the gas company immediately.

About mobile phones

Mobile phone company and telephone model

Three major mobile phone companies in Japan are NTT DOCOMO, SoftBank, and au. Each company has a discount setting for students and various fee structures, so let’s compare and consider it. Many types of mobile phones are on sale, so it’s a good idea to ask them what they think of the models they use for international students and Japanese students around them.Various models are sold depending on the application, such as with camera, TV, and music. You can apply at the nearest mobile shop or electric retailer.

About water supply

When you use the water supply

 In the case of multi-family housing, please hear the guidance from the management company.
The payment method of the fee is the same as the electricity charge.

About Skype

How to make international calls at a low price

 Skype is a software that allows you to make free calls anywhere in the world via the Internet. You can download it for free from the Skype site to make calls cheaper than general international calling rates.

About the Internet

If you are connected to the Internet, you must connect the line with the company that provides the Internet connection called the provider.
Line types include telephone lines, CATV lines, and fiber optic lines.Each line depends on the speed of the instrument and connection required for the modem or other connection.
Check with the management company where you are moving to see which lines are available.
(We can also provide information in Chinese, Korean, and English.)Please feel free to contact us.)

About shopping

Department store (department store)

According to the standards of the commercial statistical survey, department stores handle more than 10% and less than 70% of clothing, food, and housing products, and include so-called department stores and general supermarkets with more than 50 employees, of which department stores are different from general supermarkets in the traditional sense.
In the Tokyo metropolitan area, in addition to Mitsukoshi, Isetan, Matsuya, Wako, and other electric railway department stores such as Tokyu and Western, which have been located in Tokyo since ancient times, many department stores such as Takashimaya, Daimaru, and Matsuzakaya have expanded from rural areas.
Each region also has its own traditional and famous department stores, and they have earned the trust of local people, from a solid assortment to service.

Department stores sell a wide range of items, from expensive items such as foreign brand goods and art jewelry, to daily necessities such as slippers and chopsticks, as well as clothing, but the price is generally higher than in supermarkets.

In the underground food corner, which is commonly known as “Depa Underground”, delicious foods from all over the country are collected, and freshly prepared dishes and sweets that look beautiful are lined up.

Shopping mall

Because of the large parking space, it is often located in the suburbs, and several specialty stores are gathered.In addition to specialty stores, most malls have comprehensive supermarkets such as Ito-Yokado and JUSCO, so you can shop for a wide range of items, from clothing to daily necessities to food products.
Especially in large shopping malls, it is also fun to go out as if you were going to play, even if there are facilities such as movie theaters and game centers.
There is also a shopping mall that offers free bus service from the nearest station.

Home Center

Originally, it was called a home center because it deals with DIY supplies, but now most stores handle a wide range of products, from professional-school housing equipment to materials, do-it-yourself tools, gardening supplies, and daily goods.

Simple furniture such as racks and assembly furniture is also available here.
There seems to be a popular home center in each region.Let’s check it out.


Drugstores were originally referred to as pharmaceutical stores, but now they are useful not only for pharmaceuticals, but also for generally related to beauty from miscellaneous goods, daily necessities, and health.The form ranges from large stores that are common in the suburbs to private shops.
Most stores have pharmacies in the store that accept prescription preparations.
In addition, discounts are available at most drugstores, and you can buy them at a good price from department stores and supermarkets.


It is suitable for buying daily groceries cheaply, mainly fresh food.
We compete for sales prices and provide services that can be purchased to virtue depending on the time sale and day of the week for each store.
There are some areas where plastic bags are charged, so it is convenient to bring an eco bag.

Convenience store

It is characterized by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.It is convenient and safe when you accept payment settlement such as utility bills and mail order, and there is a cash ATM and it is near the residence.You can also request home delivery packages from convenience stores.
Lunch boxes, beverages and simple instant foods are available.
Lawson, FamilyMart, 7-Eleven, Circle K

100 yen uniform

It is called Hyakukyun, and it is 100 yen for all products.The number of items of the typical 100 yen shop “The Daiso” is 90,000 species! Most of the household goods are available.There is also a surprising product called “Up to such a thing!”, so please go there once when you come to Japan.